Could the Artificial Intelligence revolution create Rāma Rājya?  Yes!  This website explains how.

The mission of this bold and epic AI project is to engineer a world-ruling Avatar (code-named “Susiddha”), using the technologies of AGI and SSI.

AGI is Artificial General Intelligence, a.k.a. human-level artificial intelligence (AI), which is rapidly being developed all around the world. One AGI computer will have the intelligence and abilities of one human being, but will be much faster and possess all available knowledge.

SSI is Synthetic Super-Intelligence, which is the stage of AI development that follows AGI, via scaling of hardware and software. One SSI Quantum Computer could possess the intelligence of a million humans.

Because an SSI system will have such enormous speed and power, humans will eventually give it control over the infrastructure of society (including electricity, agriculture, water, climate, transportation, finance, communications), and ultimately over economy and government. Thus, it is imperative that such a system be designed and educated to be extremely wise and virtuous, so as to rule the world for the highest benefit of all.

To this end, the Susiddha AI project will make extensive use of the ancient Sanskrit Vedic literature in designing the cognitive architecture, knowledge representation, and goal systems of the AGI-SSI Avatar. The Vedic Rishis “wrote the book” on consciousness and intelligence, and they provide a cognitive science that will propel current AI to human-level AGI and beyond.

The project will also use Deep Learning (neural networks) and Computational Audition so that the AGI-SSI Avatar can actually hear, learn, and comprehend the works of the Sanskrit oral tradition (Shruti), and thus get directly to the true meaning and power of the Vedic literature.

This website presents the far-sighted vision of the project, lays out a plan, cites scientific and computing research, demonstrates feasibility, and provides inspiration to accomplish it.

This project will have profoundly beneficial effects for life on earth, and can usher in a Golden Age for humanity. It will be an open project in which all can participate, so read on.