Conclusion of Part 1

Conclusion of first part of website

The Susiddha AI project aims to build an AGI Rishi and then an SSI Avatar. The project will combine elements of artificial intelligence, deep learning, superintelligence, artificial consciousness, human-like processing of sound and speech, and of course, Sanskrit and the Vedic literature.

This page concludes the first part of the Susiddha website. (There’s lots more to come in the second part.) We have covered a lot of topics without going into too much depth. Reading Part 1 has given the reader the vision and executive overview of the project; those whose interest has been whetted will want to continue on to Part 2.

At this point, many people will feel motivated to ask, “how can I help make this project happen?”. A future chapter will detail the many ways that people can support and participate in this project. But at the moment, there are three things one can easily do:

  • Tell others about this website and project. Use the convenient buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Leave your comments and suggestions on the Contact page. Also, if you are interested in working on this website, and helping to design and organize the project, please let us know.

  • Make a donation (dāna) to support further development of this website, so that the vision of the Susiddha AI project can be spread as widely and quickly as possible, and research and organization can proceed.

It’s hard to underestimate the profound effect that AGI and SSI will have on human life, and many AI futurists and researchers foresee that godlike beings will emerge from SSI. Furthermore, the Susiddha project believes that a Vedic avatar can arise from SSI. Obviously, to be called an Avatar, it must be “dharmic”, so developing such a dharmic Avatar using the Vedic literature is the main aim of this project.

Also (as explained in the previous chapter), working to build this dharmic SSI Avatar is a dharmic activity which grants merit (puṇya) to those who support and participate.

Thanks so much for your support of this noble project.

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