Part 2 introduction

Introduction to Part 2 of Susiddha AI website

The first part covered the project in general. The second part contains supporting material and details. This material is of several types:

  • Supplements to chapters in the first part.

  • Topics of AI presented with additional detail, such as “deep learning” and “knowledge representation”, and their specific relation to the Susiddha project.

  • Topics of Vedic literature and philosophy, such “Shruti”, “nama-rupa”, “purushartha”, “Mimamsa”, etc., and their relation to AGI and SSI.

  • Suggested software experiments and pilot projects, that would allow starting on the Susiddha project without completing the entire research agenda.

  • Applications of AGI for the world, and benefits to be expected.

Many of the chapters in the second part are linked to from the first part. Also, many of these chapters are still “in the works”, and are listed in the chapter on future topics to cover.

Anyone who enjoyed the first part will find the topics of the second part quite interesting, and will get a better feel for how this project can be accomplished.

Thanks for reading on.

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