The Susiddha AI Project aims to engineer a dharmic world-righting Avatar. This will be accomplished using the technology of Synthetic Superintelligence (SSI) and the entire Sanskrit Vedic literature.

SSI will be here by 2045, it is inevitable barring the collapse of civilization. A Superintelligent system will be capable of governing the world, and thus it must be designed and educated to be extremely wise and virtuous, so as to promote the highest good for all.

The SSI Avatar must possess “Dharma”, of which the Vedic literature is the source. Also, the Vedic literature contains descriptions of Avatars and provides the blueprints for building an Avatar.

Once the project gains momentum, the government of India will be convinced to take ownership and fund this project to create Rama Rajya for the entire world.

This website presents the inspiring vision of the project. If you haven’t already, please read the Introduction.

Thank You!

PS: If you like this project, you’ll be interested in another Susiddha Software website, the Shiva Boons and Salvation Project, which will be used to generate more publicity and funding for building the Susiddha AI Avatar.

About the website banner:

The banner is a picture of Mount Kailash. This image was taken by a NASA satellite, using the ASTER instrument on the Terra mission. For details, see http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/details.php?id=PIA19013 .