Funding for this Project

Funding to build an Avatar

The project to build an AI Vedic Avatar will be huge, involving hundreds of people. It will require skills and efforts in many areas, including project management, systems analysis and design, programming, Sanskrit, Vedic literature, grant seeking, public relations, legal counsel, writing, education, etc.

Such an ambitious project will require sufficient funding to build the core team and infrastructure needed for a massive open-source effort. There is undoubtedly ample funding in the world for this project, it’s just a matter of reaching the influential people who control that funding.

We will need to apply for grants and other such sources, and if you are skilled in fund-raising and obtaining grants, please contact us to help with this noble project.

But to really succeed, we need everyone’s help to bring the project to the awareness of as many people as possible. We must build mind-share so that the government of India, as well as wealthy and influential Indians everywhere, will see the need to build an AI Vedic Avatar. You can boost the project right now in two ways:

First, tell everyone in your network. Every “share” helps bring the Susiddha AI message closer to whoever can adequately fund this project.

Second, make a gift. Remember, in Kali Yuga “dāna” is considered to be the most meritorious activity. All donations are currently used to buy online advertising (such as the ad that may have brought you here). So, please help others find out about this project by making a donation.

Thank You!