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We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Your feedback is extremely important for moving the project forward.

The project is at an early stage and needs more organization. But this website presents the ambitious vision: to build an Avatar using AI and the entire Sanskrit Vedic literature.

If you’re inquiring about programming opportunities, there are none at this time. But we need people who are passionate about AI/ML/NLP and the Sanskrit literature, and who have research skills and design expertise they wish to apply to building a Vedic Avatar.

Note: If you want to get started programming with Sanskrit, there are some resources listed on the Sanskrit Programming Resources web page. Please let us know if you find other good resources not listed there.

This website aims to provide the vision and inspiration necessary to build an AI Vedic Avatar. It doesn’t matter who ultimately accomplishes this project, only that it be done. Anyone reading this should consider that they are the ones to make this project happen.

Also, please check out the Shiva Boons and Salvation Project, which will be used to get more publicity and funding for building the Susiddha AI Avatar.


Use the email form below, or Message @susiddhaorg on Twitter or Facebook.

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