Donate to the Susiddha AI Project

A gift from you will help build the AI Vedic Avatar. The Puranas and Smritis say “dāna” is the most meritorious activity in Kali Yuga. And now, your gift can speed the creation of Ram Rajya which the Avatar will bring.

A donation of at least US $108.00 would be most auspicious. Donations are processed securely by PayPal, and our website does not receive or store any financial information.

When you click the button below you’ll be sent to the PayPal website to enter the amount and source of payment. PayPal also lets you include a short message (“instructions”) with your donation. Or, after PayPal returns you to this website, you can leave a full message on our Contact page.


Thank you so much for helping move this dharmic project forward. Your dāna is greatly appreciated!